Saturday, October 19

Oh Literature Review! Second Episod

Assalamu'alaikum and dear all

At this moment, I feel like I can't open my eyes. But, I have told my innerself this morning "I MUST WRITE EVERYDAY, EVEN IF IT IS SHORT".

Here I come. Looking back at what I have written yesterday asking about what is wrong with the 'potential' content of the LR based on the structure that I gave..WOW! It is not easy to explain further through writing. I visualize myself explaining about why the structure that I presented yesterday looks like a textbook content through a RECORDED LECTURE which is much easier compared to writing here. Is it a good idea to do so? Giving a lecture in front of a video camera heheh. Have not tried this, but can Bubble Power Puff Girl can try ;).

Writing is not an easy task. I believe anyone who has experienced doing research and especially writing academically will agree with this. The good news is, each and everyone of us (the researcher) can be a good writer through ongoing practices. Now. let me try to explain further. From the structure that I gave in the previous post, there are 2 main serious problems :

i) Each main topic (Adoption of Technology, Cloud Computing and SMEs) will/is discussed in isolation. This is the main reason it looks like a text book - merely presents the facts and concepts.

ii) From this kind of structure, in most cases the 'voice' of the author will not emerge. One way of making sure that the reader can 'hear' your 'voice' is by having a Section such as "Critiques on Current Technology Adoption by SMEs". In this section, the author can discuss on:
What have been re-searched by other researchers on technology adoption.
Why is cloud computing a good opportunity to be adopted by SMEs.
Nature of SMEs that is lacking in financial support, thus cloud computing can be an advantage. and etc.

This section is the author's 'voice'. You have read otehr people's work, then YOU THINK, YOU CONNECT THE IDEAS, YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE and JUSTIFY. By having this, THEN your LR will be ALIVE :)

I hope you get the message...Will continue tomorrow, inshaa ALLAH. Husband is hungry and need to find food heheheh.

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